10 Best Dog Foods For Small Dogs

10 Best Dog Foods For Small Dogs
10 Best Dog Foods For Small Dogs
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We’ve taken the liberty of doing the research to bring you this comprehensive list of the 10 best dog foods for smaller dogs. These options are of a higher quality than your typical grocery store brand, are widely available, and can provide your small breed pup with all of the nutrition it needs to grow and prosper.

1. Pupper Beef Recipe

Pupper brings you this amazing beef recipe complete with delicious beef and high-quality ingredients, including vital minerals and vitamins for your small breed dog. This option is great for pet owners who are tired of the meat by-products and other lower-quality ingredients you get from store-bought foods. Wholesome, quality ingredients make this one of the healthiest dog foods out there. Everything ships direct from Pupper, and you’ll get only the best in service from this emerging dog food brand.

2. Pupper Chicken Recipe

Dogs love meat, and that’s why Pupper offers this Chicken recipe in addition to the delicious beef recipe we just mentioned. Pupper uses only wholesome, high-quality ingredients in all of its products, and your doggo will love the flavor and potency of this quality blend. You’ll get direct shipping, excellent customer service, and an experience that you can be proud of. Your vet will approve, too!

3. Earthborn Holistic Small Breed Dog Food 

Earthborn Holistic is a brand that produces high-quality dog food for dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Everything is formulated with our dogs’ ancestors’ diets in mind. Since dogs are descended from grey wolves, it’s important for dogs to eat a diet that resembles that of their ancestors. Yes, even your small doggo came from a mighty wolf! And small he may be, but he still needs good quality food. This particular blend is made with delicious whole grains and packed with superfoods for optimal nutrition.

4. Castor and Pollux Organix Small Breed Dog Food

If you want a delicious grain-free option for your small breed, Castor and Pollux is the right choice. With this Organix blend, you’re getting high-quality ingredients like organic and sweet potatoes. Organix is America’s #1 USDA certified organic dog food blend, and every ingredient is carefully chosen for its potency, quality, and consistency. This blend comes in a four or ten-pound bag, and you can buy it online at Chewy.com. Your doggo deserves delicious food that’s of the highest quality, and it doesn’t get much better than USDA certified organic! 

5. Diamond Naturals Small Breed  

Diamond Naturals offers The Diamond Standard of dog food, and the brand’s dog food blends are beloved by doggos and pet owners across the country. Available in most pet food retail stores and online at Chewy.com, this dog food blend for small breeds offers delicious chicken and brown rice and other wholesome ingredients. Treat your pup to something that tastes great and will help them live their best life with the diamond standard.

6. Life’s Abundance Small and Medium Breed Dog Food

Life’s Abundance wants to see happy, healthy pups running about, and to get there, they’ve created a small and medium dog food blend that’s loaded with vitamins, minerals, and delicious ingredients. Your dog will love the taste of high-quality chicken and eggs, as well as a proprietary blend of essential vitamins and minerals for everything from bone health to heart health to skin health and beyond. This formula is designed to provide optimal health. It’s available directly from Life’s Abundance and comes in a six-pound or seventeen-pound bag.

7. Merrick Classic Small Breed Recipe

Merrick is a dog food name that you can trust. Since 1988, the Texas-based company has been creating awesome dog foods with 100% Texas beef and other excellent, top-notch ingredients. This small breed dog food recipe comes loaded with delicious, deboned chicken, healthy grains, and contains everything your small breed needs to grow into old age with grace and a healthy, shining coat. With Omega-3s, vitamins and minerals, and a great price, both you and your dog will love it. This product is available on Chewy.com and comes in a four-pound or twelve-pound bag.

8. NOW Fresh Small Breed Dog Food  

When it comes to pet food, many pet owners are switching to grain-free options. While dogs still need plant-based nutrition, grains are often fattening, and there’s a more critical danger of obesity in smaller dogs. In fact, most obese dogs are among the smaller to medium-sized breeds. That being said, NOW Fresh small breed dog food is a grain-free option loaded with great ingredients and flavors for nutrition and taste. It comes in several sizes from three pounds to twenty-two pounds and is available on Chewy.com.  

9. American Journey Active Life Small Breed Dog Food  

American Journey understands that your small pup is incredibly active, and this active life small breed blend contains everything he needs to say on-the-go without missing a beat. Formulated with the highest quality ingredients possible, this 100% natural dog food blend contains only hardy salmon, brown rice, and veggies for maximum nutritional and taste value. As a pet owner, you’ll love the cost, too.

10. Natural Balance Limited Ingredients Small Dog Breed Bites

The fewer ingredients your dog food has, the better. Too many brands settle for large amounts of filler, artificial ingredients, and other things that make the food less potent, more potentially dangerous, and downright gross in some cases (Hello? Meat by-products?). Natural Balance’s L.I.D. small breed dog bites are the perfect size for smaller dogs, containing only the best ingredients like chicken and sweet potatoes. This food provides your dog with everything he needs to stay on his feet and keep the inside and outside of his body healthy. You can find this product on Chewy.com, and it comes in a four, twelve, or twenty-six-pound bag.