11 highly demanded jobs in canada

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Many people aspire to immigrate to Canada and see the most required jobs in Canada 2022

Job opportunities in Canada 2022 vary, whether through craft professions such as welding, barber, cook and general worker, as well as jobs that require a university-level degree like human resources manager, financial advisor or web developer

Salaries in Canada are reasonable and sometimes higher compared to other countries, there are good opportunities for anyone who want to work and live in canada especially people who has a professional experience document, and it is not like a diploma, where 10 years of work experience can be ineffective if you can’t prove it with a document .

Keep in mindAn application to immigrate to Canada without confirmed work experience is automatically rejected 

In this article we will be looking at  the 10 best jobs in Canada that topped the jobs currently required in terms of the high level of wages, and in terms of demand in all Canadian and Francophone states in particular.

Web Developer

Web Developer

It is considered one of the highly demanded jobs in Canada. Companies of all types and sizes need developers to create applications , develop or maintain softwares and websites, some companies even ask for cyber security agents . This profession also includes web designers, webmasters, and SEO specialists.

The average annual salary for web developers is around $59,000

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager

With the high rate of employment, the job of a human resources manager has become one of the most sought-after jobs in Canada, as employers are looking for qualified and professional people in order to evaluate and select the appropriate workers to fill the gaps in the available fields. 

The average annual salary for an HR manager is around $72,000

Registered nurse:

Registered nurse

The job of a registered nurse is one of the best and most in-demand jobs in Canada in 2022 and the average salary for a registered nurse in Canada is $38 an hour. This job is in good and strong demand in all cities of Canada.

A registered nurse in Canada is a nurse who has achieved a bachelor’s degree in this field, this job really worth all the effort.

In general, the number of hours nurses work varies, that’s why they get paid for hours , and a registered nurse in Canada earns an average salary of $80,000 per year.

Software engineer 

Software engineer 

Most industries in the world rely heavily on computer software and applications to do business.

On the other hand, someone has to design software to do this software work and here we are talking about software engineers.

That’s why being a software engineer is one of the highly demanded jobs in Canada , it’s also one of the few jobs that you can work in from home .

On average, software engineers in Canada earn a salary of $95,000 a year, and it goes up to $150,000 depending on how experienced you are and which company you will be working for .

Account Managers 

Account Managers 

An account manager handles the company’s business with clients based on specific business, the experience here depends on which company you have worked for before , if it’s a well known company you will have a high chance to get recruited,  the average salary in Canada for this job is $86,000 per year.

The account manager can increase his income through the commission he receives ,and this is a very good way for account managers to raise their salary.

For a similar job, you are expected to have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or something equivalent to this certification and a few years of experience.

 Miners, oil and gas:

Miners, oil and gas

Skilled miners are in great demand in Canada and this job does not need any degree , it includes oil and gas well drilling and similar occupations.

Although there is a demand for these jobs in most Canadian provinces, the demand for the job of miners in Canada is mainly in these 4 cities: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia.

If you had the chance to work in Canada in this job, the average salary in Canada would be $70,000 per year.

Mental health and social services specialist:

Mental health and social services specialist

 This job is considered one of the most sought-after jobs in Canada, which is in high demand as a result of high social pressures but it also needs a high degree more than a bachalaurios people who are willing to work in this type of jobs should take their diploma in canada , but if you already got the equivalent of this diploma in your country you can try and apply for this job in canada.

The average income for a mental health and social services professional is $47,000 per year.

Information Security Analyst :

Information Security Analyst

Although there are a lot of technical jobs in demand in Canada, they fill up very quickly, because there are a lot of skilled people working in those jobs.

The job of an information security analyst is one of the highly demanded jobs in Canada in 2022, because companies are always looking to protect their data and find innovative solutions to prevent security attacks . 

If you are very skilled you can work as a bug bounty hunter , it doesn’t require any diploma and the average bug bounty hunter paid for critical vulnerabilities stood at $3,500 

The average salary in Canada for this job is 70,000 dollars a year,  it is one of the highest paid jobs in Canada and one of the fastest growing jobs.

Secondary education teacher :

Secondary education teacher

An essential job that contributes to building societies, a job that is experiencing rapid growth.

These jobs include skilled secondary school teachers, counselors and administrators of educational services , it requires few years of experience and fluent accent 

A secondary school teacher’s salary starts at 60,000 dollars and can go up to 130,000 dollars per year which represents a good opportunity.

If you have experience as a secondary school teacher this job is the best for you because there is high demand for teaching jobs in Canada .

Keep in mind that teaching jobs require a fluent accent .

Engineer :


This job is always in high demand in Canada and around the world .but what makes canada the best destination for engineers is the high salary and the great opportunity, especially since about a fifth of engineers in Canada are 55 years old or slightly older.

With many engineers approaching retirement age in Canada, the demand for an engineer job in Canada is rising year after year.

Young engineers in the field of construction, mining or architects are highly demanded in canada ,The average salary of a structural engineer in Canada is up to 70,000 dollars per year, and the average income in Canada in the engineering field varies according to the difference in specialization.



Working as a driver in Canada is one of the professions that are in increasing demand over time with the increase in the population, immigrants and international students in Canada.

So there is a need for drivers to transport goods across Canada like working as a delivery for transport companies such as amazon and dhl , to drive school buses, or to drive within Canada’s public transportation sector.

Drivers’ average salary in canada start at $ 55,000 and varies depending on the company you are working with , if you have a car and you would like to work as an uber or delivery you can earn up to 200 dollars per day .