15 high demanded jobs in new Zealand for 2022

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What are the most highly-demanded jobs in New Zealand? 

Now let’s look at the most in-demand jobs in New Zealand in 2022. Below are 15 high demand jobs that you may want to consider looking at  if you are looking for a job (or if you want to make a career change) in New Zealand this year. :


Of all the jobs in New Zealand that are in great demand, nursing jobs are (and will remain) some of the most  sought after jobs .Even though the pandemic is (finally) over, the country  still needs trained and compassionate caregivers who can care for patients and support them so they can recover as quickly as possible. 

A nurse salary start from NZD 55K to 80K per year

2.Administrative Assistant 

All types of businesses in New Zealand need help from a talented and organized administrative assistant. The prospects for this job  now and in the future look excellent. After all, the need for good organizational and time management help is always present in all companies and industries, so there are high chances of getting a position as an executive assistant in New Zealand . 

An Administrative assistant salary start from NZD 50K to 75K per year

3.childcare workers:

Childcare workers are simply social workers who are specialized in cases involving children, the jobs of childcare workers are in high demand across New Zealand. , so the prospects for this work now and in the future look promising.

A childcare worker salary start from NZD 50K to 68K per year


When dealing with mental health we all need help whether we are young or old and no matter our backgrounds are , So in Newzealand there is a high demand for psychologists and doctors who can deal with mental health problems . This job prospects look very good for people who want to enter the field or who plan to do so in the near future .

The salary of psychologist start from NZD 75K to 105K per year

5.Machine Operator

Do you have experience operating heavy machinery ? Or are willing to take courses and training to learn? If yes , you will likely find a job easily, especially if you want to work in a warehouse or storage facility. This job is very promising, it doesn’t require any bachelor’s degree , and you can either work for companies or open your own company if you are skilled enough .

The salary of a machine operator start from NZD 43K to 64K per year

6.construction worker

Whether you want  a manual labor position, an engineering position, or an administrative position, the construction field is huge there are many available positions in the construction industry , the chance of getting a job as a construction worker is very high because the country looks always to improve its infrastructures , the salary of construction workers is very good it starts from 50k and can be raised up to 100k if you take a managerial or supervisory position.  


who can work with private individuals, on construction sites and in the public sector.It doesn’t matter what type of plumbing job you want to find. There’s a good chance that once you’ve completed your education, you’ll be able to achieve it without a lot of effort because the plumber position is always in high demand and the more skilled you are the more money you will make . 

The salary of a plumber starts from NZD 50K to NZD 99K per year

8. Carpenter

Just like plumbing and construction jobs , the job of carpenter is always in high demand , you can either work for private companies or in the public sector the projects you will take depend on how skilled you are and how many experience years you have , This is a very promising job that you might consider taking courses at if you are willing to come to new zealand , especially because it doesn’t require any education degree and the salary of carpenters in New Zealand start from NZD 50K and can go up to 80k per year.

9. Data Entry Operator

The job of data entry operators is to help companies to stay well organized and to keep their work running smoothly , so if you have enough experience as a data entry operator and you your typing skills are good you will probably find a job quickly here in new zealand , but keep in mind that this job is just for starters because the salary is not enough to live in new zealand it starts from 40k to 60k NZD . 

10. Radiologist

You will never find a hospital without a Radiologist , this job is considered one the high demand jobs in NZ and one of the highest paid jobs in the healthcare field , Radiologists interpret scans and deliver information to patients about their diseases . 

In the other side it takes a lot of time and effort to become a very skilled Radiologist and take a good position with a high salary but we think it worth all the effort , so if you are willing to learn or you are licenced as a radiologist , your chance to find a job in NewZealand is very high . And the salary of Radiologist in NZ is the highest in the list starting from NZ380K to 700K per year

11. Farmhand

Have you ever worked as a farmer , do you have experience in running farms and taking care of livestocks , if you do, you will find a job very quickly here in New zealand .

Farmhands in New Zealand run the food production chain , solve problems and take care of animals. This job necessarily demands good experience and knowledge as well as a training that will probably take before you start working with the company that will hire you .

The salary of farmhand workers start from 50k NZD

12. Teacher

Working as a teacher either at preschool high school or even college needs very talented teachers , teachers who are creative and innovative new teaching techniques and methods , if you believe that you are this kind of teachers and you have a good and fluent accent the chance of working as a teacher here in new zealand is very high  and the salary is also promising it starts from 50K to 100k NZD. 

13. Electrical Engineer

The engineer job is in high demand in NZ especially electrical engineers , if you have good experience in this field or if you are studying and you want to make a career as an electrical engineer you might consider NZ as your next destination after graduation , the chance of finding these kind of jobs here are high as well as the salary , it starts from 60K to 100K NZD .

14. Web Developer

Web developers , designers , seo experts and all other freelancing jobs are demanded not only in NZ but around the world ,even though the competition is high but what makes difference is how skilled and talented you are and how many companies you have worked with before because that’s what determine your salary , the salary of a web developer start from 50k and can go up to 100k and even more depending on the company you will work with .

15. Accountant

Every company in the world needs at least 1 accountant. Big companies need even more , accountants are data analysers for the company they manage finances , make investissement decisions and make plans for the future of the company . If you like the job of accountant there is a high chance to find a job in NZ with a salary that starts from 50k and can go up to 80k per year all depending on your experience .