Breed Profile: Saanen Goat

Breed Profile: Saanen Goat
Breed Profile: Saanen Goat
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The saanen breed , this name came from the saane valley in swiss. They are not originaly from swiss , they are imported in 1913 by the New South Wales Department of Agriculture.
Australian-bred Saanens are of world standard and have set many milk producing records. Saanens have been used in many parts of the world in grading-up local breeds.

Breed characteristics

Saanens are of medium height when compared with the other Alpine breeds in Australia , they has a dished or straight facial line and a wedge-shaped body.
Its weight at least 64 kg and their avirage height is about 85cm to 95.

They are know as the best producer of milk with 4 to 5 galouns of milk per day , but it’s milk Contain a sall amount of fat . That ‘s make their milk better suited for fresh drinking.

It ‘s also could be used as a pet , they are very nice and quiet.
But in comparison with othe breeds , it’s the most skilled to escape with its love to explore .
I remember that one of my goats jumped up tp 4 ft to the other side of the farm but i was able to catch it . make sure the you have a good fence before bringing a Saanen goat .

Characteristics sheet

Name Saanen
Country of origin Switzerland
Use milk
Weight Male: minimum 85 kg
Female: minimum 60 kg
Height Male: 90 cm
Female: 80 cm


Goat breeds: Saanen

Saanen goat