How to milk a cow by hand step by step

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Milking cows is easier than you think , yes you will have some problems at the beginning but you will get used to it , the milking process needs just time and work you will try and try until you succeed .

Hand milking a cow is a very relaxing time you spend with your cow , it usually takes 7 to 10 minutes depending on your cow’s mood and your milking experience. Cows must be comforted to make the milking easier for you , and you have to be used to milk cows .

You will have to milk cows twice each day and I am sure if you follow those steps , you will have a successful milking from the first time .

Prepare the cows 

First you have to tie the cows in a low-stress and quiet environment .

Try to approach the cows slowly to feel safe , if the cow is afraid the milking is going to be difficult for you , the cow will try to walk and  may pour the milk in the ground .

Give your cows some grains to keep it busy when milking , for me I prefer using a stall that she knows will be to her benefit to go into.

Prepare the udder

Before you start milking , you have to clean the udder and teats with a soap or iodine , if the udder is dirty you will have a bad smell milk that may contain soil and poop ,plus the skin will dry out and crack which makes the cow uncomfortable . 

Another important thing is ‘don’t milk your cow if her teats are still wet’. Because the soap and water may drip down into the milk bucket and contaminate the milk. You can dry the teats by using a clean and soft cotton cloth.

Prepare yourself and milk equipments 

First , you should wash your hands well because it can carry bacteria that may be harmful if it was transmitted to the milk , you can also use a pair of gloves .

Put a little oil on your hands to minimize friction , and after strip each teat in order to pass any dirt, bacteria or other debris from the milk ducts. 

Get a bucket and place it underneath the udder , I advise using a stainless steel bucket . seat yourself in a position that will allow you to move away quickly if the cow becomes uncooperative. 

Always hold the bucket between your legs with a little distance between the bucket and udder .

Begin Milking

Massage the udder a few times , using your two hands clamp each teat between your extended thumb and first finger, so that the teat fills your palm as you squeeze down, and push down . 

As you press down on the teat, maintain your grip on the base of the teat so that the milk doesn’t flow back up into the udder. Be gentle yet firm while milking your cow by hand.

We start with the front quarters alternately squeezing until they are empty, you will be able to tell since the quarter will start full, once she lets down her milk, and ends up soft when she is done. The hand motion is to put the hand up to the udder like you are holding a cup to drink out of, so your palms are facing you.

Do the same process to the back two teats. I know that’s gonna be difficult for the first time but you will get used to it .

When the size of the udder shrinks, this means that the milk is out of it. If you have young calves you should leave them some milk or let them drink before milking .

After you finish, let the cow walk, nothing happens. If it senses this is a trap, it will have trouble milking it again.

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The prices of cows vary according to the breeds and places of residence, the original breeds have a price of $ 3,000 or more, imported breeds and hybrids start at $ 800, young calves are the cheapest, but remember that they need care for two years in order to be able to produce milk.

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A lot! Again, the exact amount depends on the cow and what she is eating. Once we wean the calf in the fall and are milking twice daily, I can usually expect to get 3-4 gallons per day. And if we really pushed her production with grain, we could get even 8 gallons .

Alos the breed makes the difference because some breads are specific for milk while others are not . 

With a milk breed and good diet you can reach the maximum of milk production .


Keeping the milk clean starts with cleaning the udder from the dirt that may drop on the milk. However, it’s inevitable that you’ll end up with some dirt specks or bits of hay in your bucket. At some point you can filter the milk .

After that just put the milk in a glass bottle and put it in the refrigerator .