Raising Goats : How much does a Goat Cost in 2020?

How much does a Goat Cost in 2020
How much does a Goat Cost in 2020
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The cost of buying goats

So, the question is, how much does a goat cost, and can it easily fit into your life? Goats are funny, trust me, you’ll be ready to get some goats until you see the cost details logo

What is the reason that leads to raising goats?

People often raise goats for a purpose like milk, meat, and hair. In fact, they are also cute and likeable animals.

Goat’s milk is extremely rich milk. It is better than cow’s milk. We have cows and goats, but we use goat’s milk a lot and extract ice cream, cheese and milk from it.

Usually we don’t use much meat because our lineage (Nigerian dwarves) are dairy products

If you are looking to get goats as a pet and this is the first goal that you bought goats in, in addition to choosing the right gender, the only thing you should be sure of is to buy goats that feed on the bottle.

Now we get to the important question

Of course, these numbers may vary depending on where you live and the size of your yard or pasture. If you have a large pasture, you can save a lot of food and give the goats enough space and a favorable atmosphere. Even if it is a large backyard, you can keep the goats in it. Just make sure the fence is sturdy and high so that the goats cannot escape.

The cost of buying goats

The price of goats (whether a child or an adult) can range from $ 50 to $ 300, due to a combination of factors such as the original goat’s breed and gender, goats are very expensive, especially for females because they produce milk. If you want goats as a pet, the price is not very high.

One important thing to know is that you can never buy a single goat. Goats, by their nature, are herd animals and need other goats to be happy.

The cost of the fence

The cost of the fence
The cost of the fence

Goats are cunning animals that love climbing and escaping, so make sure that the fence is at least 5 feet high, it is better that it is made of rust-resistant steel and that the area be no less than 250 feet to ensure its comfort.

The cost of feeding goats


Medium-sized goats feeding may cost you $ 15-20 per month per serving.
The goat supplement only costs $ 12

Among the important things that should be planned is that the goats may get sick, may develop anemia or goat worm.

So you may pay for medical care from $ 20 to $ 50 annually.

If you want to raise goats as a pet, this equipment is sufficient, but if you want to raise them for the purpose of making profit from them, you will need additional equipment such as:

Goat milking equipment

People raise goats for use by selling or benefiting from their milk, and the latter needs special equipment and tools for milking goats, storing milk, and the like.
Below are some of the equipment we use for milking goats

Stainless steel bucket

This is one of the most important equipment for milking goats. Stainless steel milk bucket, do not use plastic, glass or any other kind of material.

Without the milking bucket, you will not have anything to milk.

The stainless steel milk bucket is easy to keep clean. Of course, it is important to keep the goats milking supplies clean as possible, it will be good to sterilize them, especially if they are plastic that keep the bacteria that you definitely don’t want.

The gloves

Gloves are important and inexpensive supplies for milking goats at the same time, which play a huge role in protecting milk from bacteria that may pass from your hands to the udder and then to the milk. You can buy them from any store, it is best to buy a set of gloves because you will need to change them between goats

Milk filter

I think her role is clear. When milking goats, some goat hair or litter may fall into it
So you will need to filter it with a milk filter. The holes in the milk strainer should be small enough to catch any dirt and be made of stainless steel.

Milk container

The last supplies you’ll need are large containers of cold-resistant glass, because you’ll need to put milk in the refrigerator so that it lasts longer than the right size.

If you still have any question, fell free to write it in the comments, and I will be happy to answer it

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