Raising Goats: How to milk a goat ?

How to milk a goat ?
How to milk a goat ?
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How to milk a goat ?

First, I want to tell you that milking goats is very easy.
I know that you tried to milk the goats and failed, as this is normal. When I started raising goats, I faced the same thing, but if you follow the steps that I’m going to explain to you and with a little practice, you’ll be able to milk your goats well.

Step 1: Feed your goat

Feed your goat
Feed your goat

Feed the goats I usually give them alfalfa or bermuda granules and some organic grains. And if I don’t have them, feed them fresh herbs / herbs, alfalfa clover, or just barley feed.

Step 2: shave the udder

This is an additional step, but as a beginner, you need to shave the goat udder to allow you to milk it

Step 3: Clean the udder

Clean the udder
Clean the udder

Clean the udder from dirt and the hair that sticks to it and clean the nipples with a Water wipes or any wipes that do not contain chemicals can be used. At the same time, rub the udder with your hands to make the goats get used to the milking coin.

Step 4: See the quality of the milk

See the quality of the milk
See the quality of the milk

It is an important step. You should spray one on each nipple to make sure that the milk is not mixed with blood or milk clumps that may indicate that the breast is suffering from inflammation.

Step 5: The technique of milking

The technique of milking
The technique of milking

How to Get Milk: The technique begins with holding the nipple as hard as you can, a few inches in the udder

Using your thumb and first finger, press the nipple firmly until you trap the milk in the nipple.

Step 6: Getting the milk

Getting the milk
Getting the milk

It’s the most important and difficult part. Keeping your thumb and first thumb tight, pull the palm of your hand and other fingers together.

Push a little bit and the milk will come out. If you don’t get any milk, it is because you don’t hold your thumb and your first finger compressed with enough force. It is a disk and push operation, not traction.

Now you’ve got goat’s milk without having to resort to an expensive milking machine
After the first and second attempts, you will get used to it and it will be easy for you

How to keep goat’s milk fresh and delicious?

The step after milking goats is cooling the milk to keep it fresh and to last longer,But why when people drink goat’s milk, they find it like musk.

The answer is simple, goats are very sensitive to pheromones.
If males are kept nearby with a female, this leads to a change in the taste of milk because the males give a strong pheromone smell, which can affect female hormones and milk flavor.
It is best to keep goats away from males during the mating period

Here are some basic tips for keeping raw goat milk fresh and tasty for two weeks or more.

  • When milking goats, use a stainless steel bucket. It is the best choice to keep milk as clean as possible and make sure to wash them well in cold water and not in hot water because hot water may freeze milk.
  • Filter the milk as soon as possible from dirt and hair that can stick to milk. You can use the special milk filters and stainless steel filter in the filtration process. All this to ensure the quality of the milk.
  • After filtering the milk, cool it and keep it between 35-38 degrees. This process is important to make raw milk last for a long time, and then store it in the refrigerator for long-te. I recommend buying a small goat milk refrigerator.
  • Store milk in glass containers because glass is the best choice for storing raw milk , it does not contain any chemicals like those in plastic and it is also easy to clean a little hot water and soap. Now your raw milk is ready and stored, you can enjoy it whenever you want

If you have any question about milking goats and keeping the milk fresh feel free to ask it.
we will answer as soon as possible.