Raising Goats: How to raise goats for meat?

How to raise goats for meat?
How to raise goats for meat?
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Do you know that goats meat cost $4 pound , its something strange that you have goats and you still buy meat .

Why you don’t raise your own meat goats and profit from free meat and even sold it.
Its something easy you need to know just those 5 important things :

  • the best breed for meat
  • the best feed for goats to get meat
  • The health care
  • The Housing and Fencing
  • And the market if you want to sold the goats or meat.

To know all those things continue reading

The best breeds for meat

As we mentioned before in the goats breed . Their are the meat breeds and milk breads , as the milk breeds produce large amount of milk , also the meat breeds can give up to 12 pounds meat Free of fats.

There are some specific breeds for meat like Boer, Spanish , Brush ,Pygmy and Kiko.
All those breeds are good to raise for meat , they can grow up to 200 pounds in 3 month .

The Boer are special because they give milk and meat in the same time, its the best choice for you to benefit from meat and milk .

The best feed for goats to get meat

In order for the goats to reach the ideal weight they need a special and intense diet, the amount of feed needed by the goat is approximately twice the livestock.

I will share with you the diet that we use to feed our goats.
Goats need high calories so we feed them grains twice a day that they often eat, in addition to straw and alfalfa.

We also add some nutritional supplements such as sunflower seeds and bicarbonate soda.

And do not forget about natural foods such as vegetables and fruits, they are the best for all animals and are considered an integrated diet, especially since goats can digest all natural foods, even poisonous ones.

This diet is good for owners of large farms and beginners in raising goats because its cost is cheap compared to feed and provides the same needs.

It is a good idea to provide pills and supplements because it will help a lot to increase the weight of goats, but even natural foods are good

The fence and the housing

so where to put your goats
if you have a farm thats great and Everything will be good.The goats will be able to graze freely and will not need a large fence because I thought that their escape will be excluded as long as they find their comfort on the farm.

Even if you were raising goats in your backyard, this would not be an obstacle.
You will need to surround your garden with a long fence, preferably steel, to ensure that the goats will not escape.

Health Care

As I mentioned earlier in the article about raising goats for milk, meat goats will need the same or more health care.

You will be the first consumer of goat meat so you must make sure that your goats are healthy and have good health care.

Never forget vaccinations and supplements, as it is one of the basics of raising goats
To learn more about pollinating goats, read this article

How to market your meat goats

You can resort to sheep sheds and sell your goats there. If your goats are not ready to be sold just wait for them , the more time you wait the more profit you get .

You can also make your own shop and that what i recommend for you because you will have clients and you will get more money , I know some people who had now there own company special in selling farm animales and they earn a lot of money.
But if you are a beginner you can also make a profit , this is what we did the beginning of raising goats on our farm and what we still do until now , we target big restaurant and hotels , I know you didnt thought about this but i really recommend it for you .

Just imagine that your clients are the big restaurant and hotels , thats mean a large amount of money.

Just make sure that your goats meat is a high quality meat , Its your keys to success .

Those are the importent things that you must know before raising goats for meat
If you have a question feel free to ask it , i am always here to answer .