What are the supplies needed in raising goats ?

What are the supplies needed in raising goats ?
What are the supplies needed in raising goats ?
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Raising goats : Supplies for meat and milk goats

When i got my first goats , I had to make a lot of research to find what are the supplies needed to care of a goat .
My first goat was a pet , so i didn’t needed a lot of supplies .
When i started getting meat and milk and when my goats had a baby goats i needed to add other supplies to milk the goat and take care of the babies .
SO , the question is : What are the supplies that you will need for your goats ( meat or milk goats )

Supplies for meat and pet goats

The housing

Where you gonna put your goats , its must be a big and clean place ,If you have a barn that’s good, it will protect them from the cold in the winter, if you are raising goats in your backyard thats fine , just make sure that you have a fence and a roof.


Minerals are necessary to make up for the lack of vitamins and minerals in the goats diet.
They are necessary to keep your goat healthy , make sure to get minerals .
I dont advice to get minerals from the store because you will not know what kind of minerals your goats need , what you should do is to visit your vet or a feed store , they will give you exactly the minerals that your goats need.

Care supplies


In raising goats the most important supplies you will need is a THERMOMETER , you will ask why .
i will told you that your goats may get sick ,its probably happen at some point , so the first think you should do is taking their temperature.
With the thermometer you will know if your goats need to check the vet even if you have no knowledge about diseases.


It is a general antiseptic used to dip ropes of newborns and to cleanse and sterilize wounds
There are many uses for betadine , clean wounds or affected areas and sterilize .

Udder cream

It is used for all types of skin diseases and problems. Ulcers or stings, prickles from thorny plants, udder in dry winter and also hands after milking session in winter.


Trimming goats hoofs is something very important.
Goat hoofs need to get trimmed at least two times a year depending on your goats , some goats’ hooves grow more quickly than others.

At the first time in raising goats you will not know how to trimme hoofs for your goats but dont worry the vet can do this for you or any one have knowledge in trimming hooves.

Just be careful because Trimming the goats’ hooves incorrectly. can damage the goats and may prevent them from walking.


It is necessary for pollination and administration of goat medications as well as for feeding newborn goats.

Be sure to keep the needles clean and sterile, they should not be used more than once in the event of vaccination.

We always keep a bag containing a set of needles of different sizes.


Did you know that the most common problems that goats suffer from are worms that many goat breeders neglect.

Removing them is not a complicated thing, there are two ways to remove them using a home-made herbs and ointments and the second using a DE-WORMER that can be purchased from the Internet or From a vet.

It is best to consult a vet before purchasing it in order to give you the most suitable for your goats.

As for the presence of worms in goats, you need to check the goats’ stool every two or three weeks.

Just do not neglect this process because worms are dangerous and may lead to the death of goats.


Raising milk goats need some supplies like:

Goat Milking Stand

Its a stand where you can put the goat when milking , It keeps the goats stable . You can make your own milking stand.

Stainless steel Pail

Where you can put milk, it is a good idea to use a stainless steel Pail. It is easy to clean and lasts longer .

Milk Strainer & Filters

After milking the goat you will need a milk filter to strain it , i recommend a stainless steel filter.

Glass jars

Where you can put your milk.
Why exactly a glass jars , because they don’t content chemical products and they are easy to clean .

Teat Dip

we use it to clean and protect teat between milking times. You can purchase it from any store .

So those are the most supplies that we us in raising our goats .
If you have any question feel free to ask it .