What do you need to know before buying your first goat?

What do you need to know before buying your first goat?
What do you need to know before buying your first goat?
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Do you like raising goats and want to buy a cute baby so you need to read this article to know what you should do before buying goats.

Before ,I will told you about my experience as a great goat lover. I wanted to get a goat but the problem is that I don’t know any thinking about them, how to feed them, what should I feed them, and where can I put them In this article you will know all these things and you will be able to get your goats without any problem

1 .how to Choose a breed


In order to raising goats ,There are many breeds of goats and your choice extends to why you need goats like if you want a Dairy breeds you need to choose :Nigerian Dwarf goats ,Nubian, Lamancha, or Alpine and if you want Meat breeds you need :Spanish, Tennessee, Boer, and Kiko goats and if you are like me and you want fun pet breeds i advice you to buy: Pygmy and Fainting goats.

2.where can you buy a cheap goat

Before you buy goats, go to the farm and look around and find someone who have experience in raising goats . Because there is a big difference between the breeder and the dealer.

Goat merchants are the people who pick up goats and then re-sell them at a fantastic price. They have no knowledge of goats so they try to tell you anything just for quick sale. Do not trust these people, no matter how much you like goats, you can find better

3.The proof

Often the seller will tell you that his goats are disease-free only to make the sale Don’t be shy about asking for the results of a goat test, this is necessary. The main diseases of goats are CL (lymphadenitis) and John (tuberculosis).

CL is a serious and contagious disease whose symptoms are frequent lifelong outcomes that may cause chronic weight loss, exercise intolerance, difficulty breathing, chronic coughing or sudden death.

So make sure that the goats are in good health and do not suffer from any disease.
If the seller does not know that tests are available or says he has not performed a test, request the test before purchasing. Buy it yourself or do not buy goats, all in order to protect the goats and herd.

4.Why should you buy goats without horns?

Why should you buy goats without horns
Why should you buy goats without horns

Goats are pets, but their horns are somewhat dangerous with the passage of time, and they get older. Their horns get bigger more and more. In the event that a fight occurs between the goats, they lead to each other and may lead to deaths.

5.How do I know if the goats I want are healthy?

Before buying any goats, you must know two important things The place where they live should be spacious and clean You should see a doctor to make sure that the goats are in good health and that they do not suffer from any disease and make sure that they dont suffer from Anemia

6.What Do Goats eat

What Do Goats eat
What Do Goats eat

to raise goats you need to know what they ea.. Goats literally eat everything. If they let them graze on their own, they may eat dirt, waste and anything you find on their way. They do not like one food. They need a variety of foods. We advise you to feed them alfalfa / bermuda granules If you have a small goat, milk is enough to feed it.

The only thing that you should be aware of is that goats do not need any mixture of grains or feed that leads to constipation which is something that you never want to happen to your goats.

Cereal is only necessary if the goat milks and needs something to feed it The grains are considered as a gift

7.wher goats can sleep

Goats can sleep in a barn or other shelter they have. Some even sleep in the pasture, but it is best to bring them in at night. They sleep on straw, hay, pine shavings, or whatever soft clean bedding is provided.


Buying a good, healthy, and clean animal may prevent you from having to get rid of an animal dear to you.

This case occurred to me personally on our farm, as we bought goats for the purpose of producing milk, and it was very beautiful and my children loved it very much.

But after the passage of time, we were shocked that she had arthritis and would not be able to live for five years, and we were watching it suffer day after day.

So personal advice is to ensure the safety of goats because Establishing a farm begins with the acquisition of healthy goats. Safety is your priority.

so those the important basic things that you should know before buying goats
if you have any question feel free to ask it in comment