Top 13 high paying jobs in the us for foreigners

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These are the “Top 13 High Paying Jobs in the US for Foreigners” which we hope will help you in making a decision if you are a foreigner looking for jobs in the US.

Before leaving your country to the United States of America in search of a better life, you need to arm yourself with the type of job you can get quickly in the United States and the steps you need to take to meet the job requirements or to fulfill the training in order not to start with a wrong grade.  One misstep can cost you a lote and derail your entire future.

Here are the Top 15 High Paying Jobs in USA for Foreigners


This is our top choice because there is a great need for software engineers  in the United States at the moment and this profession is in high demand due to the fast growth of information technology.

The job of software engineers  is basically designing, developing, fixing, and testing softwares , websites applications, or the systems that allows software to work.


Don’t be surprised, plumbers are in high demand these days.No matter how modern a building is built, there will be problems that need to be fixed by time like water system maintenance, leaks and clogs here, and  there the attention of professional plumbers is needed all the time .

Take it or leave it, the construction and maintenance of the city requires the services of plumbers. They are currently very much in  demand there. A plumber is currently one of the 15 highest paying jobs  in the US for foreigners.


It’s a profession that’s making waves in the US right now. With modern technology and the advent of  driverless vehicles, driving trucks now becomes easy.

Most healthy adults with a solid driving knowledge  can operate the truck. a job for tough guys. So get a driver’s license and Google Maps, you’re on your way to a nice paycheck.

Keep in mind that truck driving is one of the few jobs that doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree. Smart people use this as a starting point, regardless of their educational level  or background.

Asian doctors  often drive trucks while waiting for their license to practice, which is sure takes many years.


Even if you are a qualified physician from your country, you cannot come to the US and  practice your profession.

it takes a lot of time before joining them therefore you can start as a Physician Assistant which takes a few years to earn and start an internship under the supervision of a licensed physician.


This is a medical profession ,working with a qualified pharmacist. They are currently in high demand as people’s health or drug needs are increasing and there is a shortage of pharmacists who must have a Doctor of Pharmacy and license before practicing.


This is a common task for newcomers. Today the US is faced with unprecedented and insane shooters, shooting people everyday  , there is a huge surge in demand for security guards anyway. 

With a degree in surveillance, you can get a well-paying security job  in the United States. Security guards are another profession that also dont require a bachelor’s degree.In most cases, you only need one certificate course for one academic year. 


With baby boomers everywhere, nurse midwifery services are becoming essential. a nurse midwife is a registered nurse that takes additional training to become a  midwife who provides care before and after the birth. 

Newborn care and some routine care, such as pelvic exams for women. The service of a midwife in nursing is highly demanded today, with little additional training in the US.


Are you  good at math and have a bachelor’s degree and are getting poor pay and poor  service conditions at an underrated school in your country, pack your bags and go right now to the US, because a good job is waiting for you 

Being a mathematician is currently one of the  20 best paying jobs  in the US for foreigners. There you will have the opportunity to work in  classrooms, government buildings or as a software programmer. 


The work of the anesthetist is so important in medical surgery that no hospital or doctor will start an operation without an anesthetist. Their work is vital and in high demand, but qualified anesthesiologists are few and far between, this work is high currently in  demand  in the US 

A Nurse Anesthetist is an advanced nurse who took a long training to be able to take care of patients before and after the surgery , when doing therapy and many other medical procedures.


These days spammers and hackers are everywhere,  cyber assaults are growing daily. Some humans are obtainable to thieve or smash data and money. Works of two decades may be taken away in a 3 minutes in case your cybersecurity isn’t always at the alert. Hence the importance of statistics safety experts, who have to be on their feet 24/7, to investigate safety features and guide or defend an organization’s laptop networks.


If you’re a certified nurse and you’ve a further qualification as a Psychiatric nursing you’re fortunate due to the fact your region of specialization is in warm call for proper care now withinside the US.

A huge percent of foreigners are presently taking courses in primary nursing to specialize in Psychiatric nursing due to the fact there’s a large call for psychiatric nurses withinside the US.

They believed vividly that straight away they certified they’ve the hazard of landing a job with suitable pay in locations like Hospitals, Community fitness centers, organization homes, and faculties.

They may be hired to control people who’re experiencing intellectual fitness, behavioral and psychiatric problems.

The region is so large and in excessive demand for a certified man or woman to coin in.

Furthermore, in case you’re inquisitive about a career that permits you to work and study at the same time, select psychiatric nursing due to the fact there are faculties withinside the US that gives Psychiatric nursing publications online without the need to assist full-time classes.


Just as with the plumber, the electrician is needed urgently to perform essential maintenance, repairs, and improve to electric structures in the current domestic and public homes withinside the US right now.

And with Constructions taking place everywhere in the States and with professional people achieving the retirement age, there are improved wishes for certified electricians to take charge.

The greater you’ve got growth works the greater you require the usage of an expert electrician, subsequently the excessive call for electricians withinside the US.

If you’ve got the fundamental technical expertise on this field, it’s recommended you begin straight away searching out faculties withinside the US in which you could do similar education to achieve the certificates and essential license to qualify you to exercise withinside the US.


If you’re a professional in dealing with equipment, ensure that there are numerous production organizations and provider retailers which are ready to hire mechanics and return it up with suitable pay. This career is one of the maximum sought jobs proper now withinside the US.

The ice at the cake is this career comes with opportunities of organizing your personal workshop, being independent, and earning greater.

Mechanic and provider technician is one of the pinnacle 20 jobs with suitable pay withinside the USA for foreigners. Therefore in case you are a mechanic or rewire because the call implies right here, and you’ve fundamental qualifications, quickly discover your manner to North America and earn it large in place of losing your expertise right here on pay that can not take you domestic.